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Play Online Gali Satta Game Daily

Gali is very popular satta game. It is played offline and online on various platform and it's result time is around 11PM daily. Like other games this game also does not play on last day of month. Playing gali satta online or offline is very rishky. One should consider and check all other risks before playing the satta games.

Name Time Yesterday Today
Desawar 05:15 AM ** **
Lucky No 786 11:30 AM 24 **
Murli 01:30 PM 57 **
Rajdhani 02:30 PM 85 **
UP King 04:30 PM 73 **
Shri Ganesh 04:45 PM 56 **
New Faridabad 05:30 PM 55 **
Faridabad 06:00 PM 30 **
Taj 08:30 PM 61 **
Ghaziabad 09:00 PM 12 **
Gali 11:30 PM 12 **

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Purchase of lottery or playing satta using this website is strictly prohibited in the states/countries where lotteries/satta are banned. You must be above 18 years to play Online Lottery/satta.
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